My Understanding of Emerging Media in the World Today

Emerging Media. Let’s break this down and define each word separately. Emerging is a verb that is derived from the adjective emergent. Its’ definition is to come into existence or develop. It also means to come forth into view or notice or to rise. Media on the other hand is defined as the main means of mass communication. It is the plural form of medium. So together emerging media is the existence or development of rising mass communication platforms. In the world of marketing being able to communicate on a level outside of traditional methods of television, radio, newspaper and direct mail is a necessity. Why? Our world today has become more tech savvy than in the past. Meaning, we are given a variety of choices in which we view communications, process communications and make communications with each other, businesses and other entities.

On a basis of 3.4 billion internet users, 48.2% of those users are in the Asian region while only 9.3% are in the North American region.

world internet stats

Knowing that there are over 3.4 billion internet users in the world, that is a great reach. This also indicates how much we have evolved since even 20 years ago.

A better explanation of emerging media is to differentiate it from characteristics of traditional media communications. Via traditional media, communications are usually sent from one entity to an audience of many. Interactions are not apparent and results usually are measured through actions taken in the form of sales and/or requests made for service(s). With emerging media, responses are made in real-time as two-way conversations are being conducted between marketer and consumer. In fact, several conversations may be held at once depending on the type of messaging being relayed and why.

In short, emerging media matters because is serves as convenient way in which marketers can reach consumers at a faster level. As shown in the graph, the world is filled with users who utilize the internet. Users are connected via various means whether it is through a mobile device, tablet, wearable technology (watch, glasses) and laptop or desktop computer, people are connected and active on the internet. Employed, unemployed, stay-at-home individuals or students interact with each other on a daily basis through the various devices available. With smartphone technology, individuals are able to shop for groceries, order meals, conduct business meetings through video web technology and a plethora of other daily occurrences. There are apps for helping an individual keep control of their diet from calorie counting to portion control of daily foods and drinks. If you can think of an activity or task, more than likely there will be a app for it. Mobile phones are no longer used for just making phone calls as the latest technology app provided to iPhone and Android users is the pay-by-phone capability. (Android users the app is on Google Play and iPhone users through the Apple App store.)


2 thoughts on “My Understanding of Emerging Media in the World Today

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  2. Wow 3.4 billion users, that is amazing. I do find it interesting that North America only makes up 9.8%, I would have thought it would be slightly higher. Great work on this Tashia!!


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