Concerns of Wearable Technology

So many people are stating how great wearable technology like smartwatches, glasses, necklaces, rings and even gloves are, but what about how they are not so great? First let’s start with the exact products that are available on the market today:

  1. Activity trackers (Fitbit, Microsoft Band 2, Motorola Moto 360, Garmin vivofit 2)
  2. Wearable cameras (GoPro Hero, MCOcean, VTech, Sony, SportShot)
  3. Running watches (Fitbit, Polar, Microsoft, Garmin, TomTom)
  4. Smart glasses (Samsung, Epson, Incredisonic, Ice, Google)
  5. Smart watches (Apple, Fitbit, Samsung)

We’ve come a long way since the first mobile phone was created by Martin Cooper on April 3, 1973.

(Martin Cooper with 1st mobile phone.) KnowYourMobile

We have so many ways in which we keep in touch with each other and the world at large, that it can be somewhat overwhelming and technically a bit unsafe if not careful. Why do I say this, let’s think about some dangers that mobile phones have caused in the past and still pose today.

Many people text and drive, which can cause major, fatal accidents. Is it that important that one cannot pull over to answer and/or make a text?

Mobile phones are prone to overheating in one’s pocket or on a bed which can cause bodily harm. Read one such story here: Overheating Phones. Even in a case on your bed and/or in your pocket, the phone can overheat and cause serious injury.

Smart glasses: apparently when opening a package like Google Glass, there are health warnings issues for the product. Stress related headaches, not compatible for people who wear glasses regularly and/or contacts and the age-old possibility of radiation issue. Headaches, in all fairness, who really wants to pop ibuprofen regularly for headaches caused by their smart device? In addition, there is the concern of information overload and paying more attention to glass screen info compared to what is truly in front of or around you. Besides the confusing looks you may receive from other individuals on the street as you walk as they wonder what direction are you going and who are you talking to when they can’t see a Bluetooth or phone attached to your ear. Having two images in one eye causes sensory inequilibrium between your two eyes.

The last disadvantage that needs to be pointed out is the small screens of smart watches and other wearable items that have a screen present. What you normally can see on the full screen of a laptop, tablet or reasonable size smartphone, you cannot see all at once on a smart watch. The screen is just way too small. Yes, you can increase the size of certain areas of a page you are viewing, but you can’t really use it for full internet viewing as you would for other items. The smartwatch functionality is limited in my personal opinion. Great for quick calls, texts, calendar and GPS but beyond that, not much use. Video conferencing may sometimes require file sharing and interactions with multiple parties. Not a capability that can be performed with a smart watch. Sure smart watches can be a companion to your smart phone of the same brand, but the consensus is if I have one item with full functionality of my media needs, why do I need the other?

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2 thoughts on “Concerns of Wearable Technology

  1. Tasha,

    I never really have thought about the negative side of wearable technology but your article really has opened my eyes to it. I believe that the more we advance technology the more wearable and interactive they will become unfortunately. Keep up the good work!!



  2. Tasha,
    I’m not sure about smartwatches, it will definitely be interesting to see how they take off. My guess is that they will need to become more stylish to gain momentum. For me, my watch is more of a personal fashion statement and will probably remain that way. I don’t see and hear people in my circles raving about their smartwatch – there’s just not as much buzz. This tells me the functionality is not creating enough value to overcome the fashion aspect.


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