Emerging Media in the Business World

Barclay Jones

LinkedIn is one of the most widely used media platforms in job and candidate search needs.

An interesting article proved to be a true inspiration in terms of the hiring and/or obtaining an interview from companies in which one has applied. Sometimes people who have the qualifications for a job in which they are applying may be overlooked because of color of their skin and/or the fact that they have a name that is ethnic sounding. Many people will argue that this is not the case for hiring and/or obtaining an interview but sometimes you still have the tendency to wonder what is the true cause if the reason given doesn’t add up from your personal perspective. A woman of ethnic background has created an app called Blendoor that would be truly amazing for all businesses in the world today. Why? It takes away any visual bias created from gender and ethnicity knowledge and only presents the business with the important factors of an individuals’ resume/CV which is their skills and qualities that matter for the position to be filled. With the name and photo removed, you are receiving a fairer chance of gaining at least an interview on your skills that the company seeks.

This app is set to go live on March 11th at the SXSW digital festival for public beta testing. As of today, the inventor of the app, Stephanie Lampkin has had 19 large tech firms buy-in to the app. Some of the big name companies include Google, Facebook and Apple that have made the decision to use the app to further diversify as they continue to grow. This app is a way for job seeking consumers to feel more comfortable in approaching businesses in which they wish to be employed. The main goal with use of the app both ways is to help businesses further their diversified internal network in addition to getting the best talent without any chance of discrimination during the process.

Further reading about the bigger companies can be found at Intel Allocates $300 Million for Workplace Diversity.


One thought on “Emerging Media in the Business World

  1. WOW!!! This app sounds like a great, not only does it create an equal playing field but also allows those individuals best qualified a fair chance without any discrimination. I would be interested to see 6 months worth of live data to see if the app actually has an impact on hiring more diversified candidates.


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