After watching this video, how far do you believe we are from actually reaching this level of technological advances of media usage? We see many movies and television shows that show some of this type of media usage already. Wouldn’t that mean we are not that far off? The title of this video states Future World 2050. It is year 2016 and personally I feel we are very close if not closer to having glass made options available on a consumer level. Corning Incorporation created this simulation to show where we will be in 2050 but with companies like LG Electronics, Samsung and others of note, it won’t be just a glass world and this concept is really not that futuristic. We already have ultra-thin televisions that utilize 4K SUHD that brings a crystal clear picture and utilizes Smart technology that can be controlled with a remote as if it is a computer mouse. There was even a time just only a few short years ago where HD televisions was the latest rage and “it” item for households.

An interesting website Future Timeline.net gives a view of scheduled events that are to occur around the world in addition to predictions of future events and exact timeline of worldly past events. Whether it’s on technological advances, natural disasters and other items/events of note, this timeline is a pretty interesting read for those with curious mindsets of what they think can and will happen. One type of media that seemed of interest was listed under the 2020 timeline which stated that there will be texting by thinking. Hmm!!


3 thoughts on “FUTURE WORLD

  1. That video was very intriguing. To think we are very close to a world such as this and progressively even further than that. I wonder when will we have flying cars or does the ozone layer really need to be damaged before we reach that level of technology.


  2. I think if we had a future world where technology is a part of every aspects of our lives it will lead to many issues. The biggest issue is we will loose skills and also will have less and less personal interactions.


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