Drink a Commercial

Until today, I had never heard of a drinkable ad, yet Coca Cola went out and created just that type of ad.


A commercial you can practically drink and/or assimilate drinking via your smartphone. This unique manner of marketing shows just how innovative Coca Cola is yet again in reaching a target market and getting them to buy into their brand. To create a billboard that actually pours you a drink so as to taste the product is another way of getting samples to various people in a convenient manner. By teaming with the Shazam app for PCs, smartphones and tablets, Coca Cola created advertising that once used by consumer inaction, the individual would be able to redeem for a free bottle of Coke Zero. In addition, print ads turned into either cups or straws for individuals to be able to try the product at a given location like the NCAA Basketball tournament. This type of media is another form of guerilla marketing taken to a whole new level that creates a reaction to an action given by the marketing message.

In my next writing, I will show how Dunkin Donuts Korea used a similar form of marketing but with utilizing the sense of smell to bring commuters to their retail locations.


6 thoughts on “Drink a Commercial

  1. That commercial was amazing and great marketing on Coca Colas behalf. They really pulls the viewer in and creates a memorable experience. I would definitely give coke zero a try after seeing this.


  2. Is there anything Coke hasn’t done? Coke always has a leg up on the competition when it comes to creativity and marketing. I would be willing to bet Coke is the New York Times for marketing and advertising types.
    What I like best about this ad is Coke’s ability to take a concept and engage an audience. It gets people talking. What better way to sell soda? It doesn’t take much. People already have an unhealthy love of cola. So, getting people to “talk” about the product is half the battle. Once that is accomplished, you’ve basically got them buying in. Great post!


  3. Tasha,

    Coca-cola seems to be doing an amazing job of connecting the dots between emerging media and customer experience. Gamefication is not a new concept for brands, however, I feel many have not utilized the tactic nearly enough to incentivize consumers. An article on Tech.Co explains, “Rewarding participation encourages loyalty and ensures that people are willing to visit – and revisit – in order to earn points, badges, and other rewards.” The full article is available at the link below if you’d like to check it out.



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