We Are The Jetsons

Does anyone remember the beloved cartoon from the early 60s to late 80s called The Jetsons? As one who grew up on this cartoon, I believe that today we are The Jetsons.

Watch the next video and you will see what I mean.

Moving sidewalks? We see that in airports, malls and other public locations. Video conferencing? Skype anyone? No one ever thought that a cartoon based on a family living in futuristic times would come to fruition. The Jetsons’ world is our world: explosive technological advances, entrenched bourgeois culture, a culture of enterprise that is very fond of the good life. The Jetsons represented what model families in the U.S. were to be in the future: a family that has many technological advances in their home and lives by a certain standard of class. The show really wasn’t that far off as in today’s world, we have many advanced technologies that are utilized on a daily basis. Even right now as I write this, I have a laptop connected to my 42 inch television with a wireless mouse and wireless keyboard and I’m resting comfortably in my bed. Just a mere 20 years ago, computers of any type were connected via wire direct to an internet port in wall. Now we have our own personal Wi-Fi systems and can connect numerous items in the home wirelessly. Even my television among other things are connected to my smartphone for one stop control compared to a separate remote control and/or what are called universal remotes. Who needs a remote when you have a smartphone, tablet or other smart device for your convenience? These are the ways in which we have evolved but the world is not finished yet, nor will it ever be finished as each day represents a new evolution in technological advances.

“Automated schoolmarm” at the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair


4 thoughts on “We Are The Jetsons

  1. I would watch the Jetsons every afternoon when I came home from elementary school. At that time, the most advanced technology we had was the laser disc player in my sixth grade classroom. We also had those floppy discs that were actually floppy, and stored the game “number crunchers.” Those were the days.
    Now, we’ve advanced past what Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke foretold in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Well, we haven’t made it to space like they did in the movie, but facetiming is a normal, everyday feature and artificial intelligence is getting pretty advanced (luckily not the homicidal sort).
    I’m really looking forward to the Internet of Things taking over and running our lives!


  2. I LOVE this. Not only did I adore this show as a kid, but now my childhood fantasies are coming true! Now I am just waiting for my flying vehicle :). It is very nostalgic thinking about the old ‘dial up’ sound and/or the aol instant messenger (AIM) notification sound. I enjoyed this, thank you.


  3. I agree with your statement that we live in the Jetsons world. Who would have thought a cartoon created over 50 years ago would mirror our world in so many similar ways. Great work!!!!!


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