Let’s Meet at Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Intstagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and many more platforms, are the epitome of social networking and conversations abound.

Here’s a look at platforms that are considered to be most effective in social engagement.

Facebook and Twitter each have a respective high usage of individuals that interact with each other and/or engage with businesses of their favorite brands.

Next is a graphical look of platforms that are considered to be most effective prior to an event like a major concert, sporting event, etc.

Facebook and Twitter lead the way in terms of social engagement, as people are interacting with each other in either real-time platforms of Twitter and/or delayed response platforms of Facebook. Buzz is being created on either platform as photos and random thoughts are shared in prediction of what is to occur. The platforms that are most in use during a major event are as follows:

Instagram now comes in contention of social engagement as users are sharing real-time photos which could also be linked through Facebook or Twitter. In addition mobile apps like WhatsApp and KakaoTalk are enduring a high usage of conservationists who are sharing their experiences and thoughts during said event. The tables change at the end of the event in terms of social engagement:

Following most events, event goers have either recorded exclusive footage and/or fancam footage in addition to taking many pictures of occurrences. Therefore, YouTube becomes a platform to post various videos for sharing with others in addition to again posting a link to said video on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram platforms. Most platforms are now integrated/connected to each other via user directed posting. For example, when making a most via Instagram, a user can direct Instagram to also make that same post with accompanying link to Facebook, Twitter and a couple of other platforms. In this manner, users now only have to make 1 post that will be seen wherever they hold social conversations and/or make posts on a regular basis. As platforms continue to evolve to make network sharing easier, so have the users evolved to think of newer manners in which engagement can occur and how it occurs.

Now just because we have the popular five among users, doesn’t mean that other platforms are less engaging and/or less in use. Pinterest is becoming more popular as businesses and users find ways in which content posted gets repinned and/or liked by fellow pinners. The key to using Pinterest, pin interesting content and pin and/or repin often. Even with only a handful of follows, conversations do start and once that occurs, you have an idea of what your followers are most interested in and how often they repin or like your initial post. An example to leave you with of content that matters to followers, on my personal Pinterest account, my followers repin pins from my “Learning Korean” board, “My Nail Art” board and “My Closet” board. I pin at least 3 times a week and it really does make a difference in what I decide to share with others.

What have you noticed from your own personal platforms utilized? Do people respond to certain posts you make more than the others? Why do you think that occurs?


One thought on “Let’s Meet at Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

  1. I find it interesting that Twitter is in the top 3 every time considering many have reported they are struggling to keep up with Facebook and other social media sites when it comes to users.


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