A New Definition

Over the last 6 weeks, the evolution of emerging media has been explored and researched across the web. How media affects our lives can be attributed to the many facets of media platforms in which one is able to communicate. Which brings to light how I now view emerging media.

In the beginning, I defined emerging media as the existence or development of rising mass communication platforms. Now emerging media can be better defined as the various manners in which individuals communicate with each other, whether it’s via a mobile device, desktop, laptop and IoTs which include wearable devices, cars, appliances, etc. It is a manner of sharing information on either a social or business level which can help with product improvement and/or sales of products or services. It also involves people taking control of how they are marketed to in addition to creating a way of life that becomes more efficient with each new process introduced.

Late adopters, take note, you will have to adjust your lifestyle in order to catch up and/or stay on top of the many changes that occur with technology. It doesn’t stop and more is yet to come as we continue to evolve each and every day with newer advances, communications and ways in which we create and think.


3 thoughts on “A New Definition

  1. I, too, have learned a lot of what it means to live in an emerging media world. I agree that we will have to accept all of the features you listed in order to succeed. I think it’s interesting you bring up “late adopters.” It is imperative that marketers stay up to date on all the trends that are coming in to the fold. Those lagging behind and only using traditional, old style advertising, will surely be left behind.


  2. I think you hit the definition of emerging media on the head here!! Your posts over the past few weeks has really given me great examples of the emerging media world we now live in. I would like to say “Thank You” for that!

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