Struggles of Immigration

I now know what people who have migrated to the U.S. have gone through in order to do so. Let’s start with finding visa sponsorship. Many countries and businesses utilize natives of given country over the skills of a foreigner. Therefore finding a company to sponsor a work visa for you to live and work in the country you desire is not easy. Once I can get over this particular hurdle, then and only then will I be on the way of my dream to live in S. Korea. Many people with their own fears try to impose those same fears onto you. But alas, I am not one to let the fears of others deter me away from what I truly desire in terms of my own dreams and goals. If I lived in fear of everything around me, I would not be in the position I am in today, let alone think of the unthinkable for others but realistic for me. I choose my destiny and not other people. I knock on the door of opportunity and keep knocking until opportunity decides to open the one door that will let me through. Who’s to say I can’t, when I know, I CAN!

Perseverance, open-mindedness, cultural understanding and acceptance of self all play a role in who I am as a human being.


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