Left Hand VS. Right Hand

First picture is right hand and second picture is left hand. Why so different? I am a left-handed individual. Therefore, my right hand always reflect more decor from bling to more accurate lines, etc. Granted, I forgot to clean up the edges of paint spillage. It takes a good 1-3 hours of work to paint my nails even if they come out messy. Why? I use a base coat. Most important in all nail care. Then a base color that has to dry completely. Accent color #1 that has to dry and accent color #2 that also has to dry. After full drying time comes the “nail tattoos” that take time and patience to apply. Last is the shiny top coat or if I want to go for a matte look then a top matte coat. Top coat is important to protect your nail art efforts and to make the look last longer. What is your nail secrets to having great nails that you take care of yourself and not go to a salon? 안녕 친그다!


Please Post Your Thoughts

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