Random Me

Sometime people will say the stupidest things to you as if they know everything. That’s when you have to look at them, smile and walk away.

On another note, why do fast food establishments have to fill the drink cup to the top? I went to Wendy’s today and drove through the drive through. I ordered a strawberry-lemonade with my meal. The cup was filled to the top, so much so, that when the drink was handed to me, some of it spilled in my lap and in my car. I immediately requested napkins as I don’t need stickiness in my car or on me. To all food establishments listen up…you do not need to fill the drinks to the tippy top of the cup. I don’t care about those greedy people who feel the need for you to do so. For those of us who think less is more and cleanliness is next to Godliness, then stop filling up those cups. When I got back to the office, I ended up pouring a quarter of the drink out as there was no need for it. Also stop offering super size meals. Marketing tip: if people want more food, let them order extra instead of offering stupid super size meals. At this point I am ranting and technically I don’t care how others feel about this. I can air my opinions and that’s all there is to it. I just threw away half of the bread that was on my burger. Honestly who needs oversized garlic buns anyway? Just way too many carbs, calories and fat. Yes, I ate a good portion of it, but this is my one cheat day in the entire month where I actually eat fries and a burger for a meal. No more until July when I have graduated from WVU with my Masters of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications. Then I will go horseback riding among other things to do. That’s it for now of my random thoughts.



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