On Pins & Needles For Grade

I am on pins and needles waiting for my final grade in my Masters of Science studies. Will I get an A or a B? That is the question. A B-grade means no more 4.0 record. Yet an A for my Capstone/Campaign will solidify the 4.0 GPA I was able to maintain until now. This is so nerve wracking. What is one to do? My final campaign came to 102 pages of many hours of research, creativity and solid facts for what was needed to promote The Pearl S. Buck Birthplace Foundation and Museum located in Hillsboro, West Virginia. Oh woe as me. 아이그! Whatever the grade is I know my mother will be proud even though she is no longer alive. I just really want the A as I worked so hard and made sure I did everything I could to stand out and make sure my campaign counts. Oh, I guess I should check if the hardbound copy made it to the college at least.


The struggle is real!

Dream! Believe! Do! Repeat!


Please Post Your Thoughts

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