Dealing With The After

This post is a hard one to write as I most recently have had to deal with a situation beyond my wildest imagination. My youngest child made the decision to attempt to take her own life the morning of her 25th birthday. You can only begin to imagine how frantic I was to locate her once I put the pieces of the puzzle together. Thank God with the help of the police not only were we able to locate her through the use of technology but as I type this, she is still alive today, 2 weeks later and continuing the healing process of believing in herself and wanting to live.

 2978_10201402619983419_403504154590586811_n(My beautiful daughter.)

For those who have lost loved ones due to their successful suicide attempt, I feel your pain and understand what you have gone through and still may be going through. As for me, I take one day at a time and let my daughter know that she is loved each and every day and that she has every reason to live. I still have plans to relocate out of country but now those plans include my daughter given the situation. I created a GoFundMe account for my daughter’s continued outpatient care and continue to pray each day that I don’t have to relive that mournful day of almost losing my precious love. The loss of a loved one via suicide is scary and will most definitely turn your world upside down. Each day for me is hard but I remain strong so I can be there for my daughter. The hardest thing in the world is knowing a loved one is having mental issues that are beyond your control and beyond their own control without outside help. I found a reputable therapist that is helping my daughter take one day at a time in addition to helping her to open up more so that she is not afraid to face society and feel as if she is being constantly judged. I love my daughter and many of you love those you are closest to.


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