New Things I Learn

There are some days that life can be a struggle and others when things are calm. Through it all, I try to take the time to learn at least one new word and/or phrase in Korean. I also look into additional ways of earning free gift certificates, cash and simpler ways of investing for the near future.

Nothing is ever easy, but my persistence is what keeps me going. I still believe in the fact that my daughter and I will relocate out of the country permanently. We will also embrace whatever challenges life sets before us. I’m tired of living for paying bills with no enjoyment. I know my change will come, I just don’t know when. It’s been over 3 years and the issues with emigrating keep escalating. I don’t think it’s fair that all countries have so many restrictions on freedom of movement. If I want to live, work and socialize in S. Korea, why can’t I? Visa laws are such pains. I feel like the U.S. is going to hell in a hand basket. I have the capability of learning many new things but it seems businesses do not want to go through the red tape of accepting me as a human who is willing, ready and eager. Today’s post is pretty much a vent session as I have so much on my mind.

I’ll end here for now. Be safe, be happy and live life to the best of your ability.20180124_175944.jpg



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